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Department of Material Arts and Design

The Department was established in 2006. It is a creative major for learning about art, crafts and design. The Department is subdivided into 5 divisions, including: metal works, ceramics, fiber, wood work, and design. Classes are conducted in the form of workshops, allowing students to acquire solid training through the workshop environment, whereby they could obtain in-depth understanding and strengthen creative potentials involving materials, helping them build up creative energy for the future.
The Department uses materials such as metal, ceramic, fiber and wood as basic materials for learning about work creation. Through classes on ascetics, photography and practical design, students are guided along the way of transforming different materials into works of contemporary arts and craft design.
In addition to possessing an independent building area and fully-equipped workshop, the Department can also provide sufficient and flexible space to students for creating works, as well as accommodating the variety of needs for their diverse creation process.

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) awarded



Admission Requirements:
(1) Application Requirements: High school diploma or higher is mandatory.
(2) Language Requirement: Applicant from non-Chinese language countries should submit documents proving Chinese language capabilities or records of having attended Chinese language courses.
Application Methods:
(1) Document Review: Applicants should include a works portfolio (limited to works created within the past 3 years), resume, personal statement in Chinese, complete transcript from the institution previously attended, study plan in Chinese, document proving Chinese language skills and others (such as awards or honors – please include documents of proof). The data should be compiled into an A4 standard-sized file.
(2) Interview: (In the case where the applicant cannot travel to Taiwan for an interview, a video conference can be conducted)
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: 6 years maximum.
Credits: Students of the major should complete 130 credits before reaching the duration of study.
(1) Students of the major are required to taker English language exams at least once before graduation.
(2) Students of the major are required to participate in 8 General Education Seminars and 2 Service Education Seminars before graduation.
(3) Students of the major are required to participate in 4 growth and development seminars before graduation.
(4) Students of the major are required to obtain a CPR certificate before graduation.
(5) According to regulations, students of the major who enrolled in the program as graduates from an academic 5-year course are required to take an additional 12 credits-worth of common education classes or Department elective courses before graduation.